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Ligers 'N' Tigons saddle review from expericened horse woman!

Finally, I received my saddle, cut open the box and there it was, wrapped in a plastic "Ligers 'N' Tigons" bag, I scooped out the hand tooled Reiner and immediately and propped it up on the couch, examining ever inch of it from stirrups to horn and the fleece and leather between.
It was very clean, smelt of nice leather which is thick and neatly tooled and properly dyed all over evenly, I flipped it to get a feel of the fleece, its the real stuff and pretty thick too.

Finally I got to the conchos, cheaply made, looked like a mixture of metals and the darn things kept falling off(They screw in) but being me I did some damage control and glued them back with some PVC Cement, that fixed to problem right away.

I touched everything and tugged on anything I thought was important in a saddle to be tightly in place, nothing tore or gave way, everything seemed so tightly put together and balanced and to be honest I was pretty skeptical that the saddle I bought for 300$ was actually this nice, nicer then the Billy Cook I had been riding in(Imagine that!)

Still skeptical and a little scared to put it on my prized stallion I challenged myself to do it anyways, he judged a saddle worse then the human eye could with his back and he'd tell you if he liked it or not.

Okay I finally put it on and cinched it out and to my surprise it fit...Like a glove, he didn't fidget or dance around, he was actually falling asleep once I'd finished cinching him up and by the time I'd gotten to bridle him his lower lip was sagging and his eyes half lidded, I had to give him a pat to make him focus but I still sold on the saddle yet, I just had to sit in it and work in it before I was convinced it was any good for the price I'd paid for it.

Finally I'd sat in it and let me tell you, this is one comfortable saddle, the seat was very comfortable and it seemed to take some pressure off of my lower back, Handy(My stallion) stood there, his head low and so relaxed, as if I'd hopped on bareback and poked him with a little happy drug(Which I didn't) but he became very responsive and light, his back lifted into the saddle and his stride was so long and comfortable, by now it was pretty hard for me to be skeptical and believe I for once gained when I'd spent 300+dollars on this saddle, it was very pretty and I can even show it in, well crafted and designed, the seat was comfortable and the leather was pretty supple for being brand new, I was amazed; happily of course that I made the purchase.

It's been about a month and 2 weeks now and I still love it, still fits and makes the same sweat marks on my horses back, leather hasn't broken down or become worn, I do suggest that you glue the ponchos even if they don't seem to be coming off, you wouldn't want to lose them mid-ride and never find it, I also suggest that you put different stirrups on the saddle because the metal ones that come with the saddles are a bit narrow and could be dangerous, also the leather cinch strap wears out pretty quickly so I would replace it was a nylon one that will be more durable.

Overall I really like the saddle and I'm very picky with what I put on my horses, its really comfortable, VERY VERY affordable and you get better then what you paid for it, I would recommend it for somebody showing locally or regionally but of course you wouldn't ride it into worlds unless you; Decked it out with some beautiful silver!

Pros ;; Beautifully made, affordable, handcrafted, well balanced, genuine leather, easily cleaned, hard to damage, very comfortable for horse and rider, light weight, fleece/wool is thick and tough.
Cons ;; The stirrups are a little narrow and in my opinion dangerous, the conchos break off but are easily reattached with the right epoxy glue or PVC cement, leather cinch strap seems to wear out pretty quickly.

You can also purchase Ligers 'N' Tigons saddles off of E-bay when you type in "Ligers n Tigons saddle" into the search engine.

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